UIWRSO at San Antonio Health Expo


RSO’s BIGGEST summer event is the Health & Wellness Expo in San Antonio.  The Health Expo was held on Saturday, June 6, 2015 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.  Our participation in the event is another great example of the UIWRSO commitment to the program’s mission.  While volunteering at this event, my classmates and I had a chance to provide complimentary vision screenings as part of a comprehensive wellness conference event.  This initiative is also a reflection of our extensive patient contact both inside and outside the clinics.

Additionally, this year, I was asked by the clinic directors to help recruit student volunteers for this huge Health Expo. No surprise, there were a lot of students who went and they all received a cool t-shirt for their help! It was also a great chance for interns to meet other health groups in the area and learn about their field. The Rosenberg School of Optometry booth was super busy where students were giving away swag bags for the attendees. Overall, everyone had a blast!

During the afternoon session, special guest Dr. Phil, talked about making the city a healthier place.

Below is a testimony from our very own professor, Dr. Rabin:

I spent a few hours at the 2nd Annual Health and Wellness EXPO today where UIWRSO made a huge presence thanks to the oversight of Dr. Chapman and Mr. Kruse, multiple invaluable staff and MANY Intern Volunteers…

Dr. Rabin also took some pictures and would like to share them.



Vision Screening in the Coliseum!

UNIVISION : 11th Annual Latina Health Conference

Saturday, August 3, 2013 from 8am - 12pm at Freeman Coliseum, SATX

It was my first time to this part of San Antonio; the Freeman Coliseum is next to the AT&T Center, and I saw tour buses piling in for the Warp Tour this weekend! The AT&T Center is a venue for concerts and it’s where the Spurs play! As we parked the school van in the Coliseum lot, the interns rushed out to help Mr. Nathan McCarthy, C.O.A., UIW Eye Institute, unload the van. I am always surprised at how efficient and prepared Nathan is at vision screening and community events. There were only 2 big black bins and 2 instruments: Non-Contact Tonometry (NCT) Machine and Auto-refractor (AR). We rolled our equipment into a golden dome-shaped building.

Once inside, we worked with the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio School of Nursing students to set up the tables, lanes, etc. They also helped with patient check-in and translations. The patients would fill out paperwork and sit in the waiting area until they are called. There were 8 UIWRSO volunteers and two faculties in attendance.

Thien Tran is a 4th year Intern at UIWRSO who was in charge of running the show. Due to the number of volunteers for such a huge event, Thien decided to setup the vision screening slightly differently from previous screenings. Instead of having stations for Visual Acuities/Cover Test (VA/CT), Retinoscopy (RET) and Direct Ophthalmoscopy (DO), there was 6 individual lanes where the patients stay with a volunteer for the entire time until they are ready for consult with Dr. Connor and/or Dr. Majcher.

Some first years that volunteered just came back from their extended summer vacation so they felt unprepared, but once the patients sat on their chair, I noticed that the hours of practice from last year paid off!

UIWRSO Interns
UIWRSO Interns

Thien’s detailed email excerpt: (optometrists sure love their acronyms!)

– Screening tests to perform:

– VA – distance OD, OS, corrected, Near OU

– CT – Best corrected D, D&N on pediatric

– Lang Stereo – only on pediatric

– EOMs

– Retinoscopy – regular Ret or Over-Retinoscopy

– DO – ONH, macula

– IOP will be check using I-Care only on patient >35yoa or with H/O Glc

– Dress code

– Clinic attire with your white coat

– Equipments to bring

– Transilluminator, Ret, DO,

– Near card (with pediatric symbols)

– Skiascopy bar

– Horizontal prism bar

– Occluder


A little about the sponsors:

Univision 41 is a Spanish Television station in San Antonio.

Every year they put on a free event to the public.

LORE: Join us on August 3rd for the 11th Annual Latina Health Conference to receive FREE health screenings such as: Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Dental, Vision, and Back to school immunizations. Latina Health Conference presented by Univision will also be offering: Zumba, Yoga, and FUN for the whole family.

 At the end of the screening around noon time, volunteers were fed sandwiches! We took a group picture and packed up all our equipment! I had loads of fun! I really enjoy working with the pediatric patients, and getting more and more comfortable with my Spanish. Speaking of which, I bumped into my favorite Optometry Spanish teacher Amalia Mondríguez.

I will surely blog about how this class helped me a lot in the San Antonio Community! Look forward to it!!!