Multicultural Celebration …. December 3, 2012


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Our NOSA (National Optometric Student Association) chapter at the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry organized its 2nd Annual Multicultural event today.  The event was made possible through generous support from Bausch & Lomb and Walmart.

Students and staff members came forth and put together beautiful tables to represent their ethnicity, religions and cultures. Representatives at different booths presented posters, artwork, facts and various beautiful and symbolic items from their individual cultures. The attendees had the opportunity to walk around and visit the tables, ask questions and learn about different cultures and their traditions.

This year we had booths about India, Hinduism, Germany, Greece, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, China, Iran, Pakistan, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Baha’i, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, and Spain.

All the representatives had an excellent presentation to highlight their cultures and traditions. To top it all, all the representatives even presented us with delicious foods from their countries and cultures. My personal favorite were the Buneulos (I think thats how you spell it?) which are crispy Mexican snacks, made at special events like Christmas, birthdays, etc.

UIWRSO has always celebrated the diversity that is represented by its students and this event was no different. This event was definitely culturally enriching and an incredible learning experience to all those who attended. Last year’s event was a tremendous success but this year’s event may have managed to top it.

All the volunteers and representatives put in a lot of hard work and effort to make this event a lot of fun!!!

Student Affairs: From Canada To Texas

My name is Gauri Mehta and I am part of the Class of 2014 at UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry.

I am an International Student from Alberta, Canada. Post admission, I was a little nervous about such a long distance move to Texas, but the excellent staff in the Student Affairs office made the transition super easy.

They provided expert guidance at every step of the way. I had many questions regarding Financial Aid, International documentation, housing, expenses, etc. and I got all the help I needed and more. The staff went out of the way to answer questions, were quick to reply to emails and phone calls, which made the process so easy.

Looking back, I remember I had to call or email every other day regarding International documentation and Financial Aid, as these were the two most important and labor intensive processes to complete, because I had to coordinate documents from different organizations.

The knowledgeable staff at the student affairs office went out of their ways to ease the transition with all aspects of the process. I understand that this process could get a little daunting and I would advice every prospective student to take full advantage of this wonderful team and let them guide you along the way.