Vision First

“Vision First”, that was the theme for World Sight Day 2019. Taking place on the second Thursday of October, World Sight Day is a global event that shines a light on blindness and vision impairment. Every year, Student Volunteers in Optometric Service to Humanity (SVOSH) plans one of the largest events to raise funds for this foundation.

The event, titled “Dining in the Dark” takes the challenge of vision impairment and serves it on a dinner plate, literally. It is a unique sensory awareness experience that gives guests a first-hand glimpse into the lives of those with low vision. Guests are invited to attend a formal dinner where the entire culinary experience will be in the dark. As dinner is served, guests put on blindfolds and the lights are turned off in order to experience navigating a simple meal with no vision.

The event takes place in the top floor of the Rosenberg Sky Room located at the University of the Incarnate Word Broadway campus. Before putting their blindfold on, guests can enjoy the magnificent skyline view of Downtown San Antonio, listen to live music, and participate in a silent auction.

This opportunity is open to RSO students, faculty, family, and the public. The servers for the night consist of optometry students; this year, I was one of them. After I helped serve the dinner, which consisted of a side salad, lasagna, and garlic bread, I walked around the tables I was assigned to and assisted with anything the guests needed. Some requests included helping someone find their water, or their fork. My personal favorite task, however, was confirming to one guest that he did, in fact, finish all his food.

The event had live music, brought to you by “The Spectacles,” a band made up of RSO faculty and family, a silent auction, and a raffle. Over 150 tickets were sold with 100% of ticket proceeds being donated to Optometry Giving Sight (OGS).

This year, SVOSH raised over over $5,000 for OGS.

Carolyn Smith, 2019 SVOSH President, shares:

“With a mission designed to inspire the development of ’caring and compassionate health care providers’, I believe we here at RSO have a unique niche. Dining in the Dark is not just a fundraiser, but an opportunity to bring the RSO community together in recognition of World Sight Day- a day dedicated to raising awareness for the blind and visually impaired”.

There is no better example of community and service than Dining in the Dark and those who helped make it possible.

A huge congratulations goes to the SVOSH team for the impact they have made in many lives. We are so proud to play a part in the progress being made.

“Restoring sight can turn a life of poverty, into a life of opportunity. For many people, that’s vision for life.”

-Optometry Giving Sight

Students prepare to serve blindfolded guests

San Antonio Smorgasbord – Magnolia Pancake Haus

Magnolia PancakeTalk about a breakfast for champions! Whether you’re looking for a nice home cooked breakfast with scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and some specialty pancakes, or a nice late morning brunch, this is the place to be. This little diamond in the rough has been featured on the hit tv show Diner-Drive Ins- and Dives, and is known for their delicious pancakes, as their name would imply.

There are only two locations here in San Antonio, one is quite close to the optometry school main campus, off of Huebner road, and the original location, located off of Embassy Oaks. Some claim the original location is superior to the 2nd location off of Huebner, but I will let you decide for yourself. The menu is full of breakfast items, from omelets, to hamburgers. The meal that I usually get is the Magnolia’s Breakfast with coffee. Their coffee is some of the most delicious coffee I have ever tasted! So, my breakfast is scrambled eggs, bacon, hash browns, and I always get the chocolate chip pancakes!

CakesThat’s right, I said chocolate chip! If you can’t tell, I have a bit of a sweet tooth, and boy do those pancakes satisfy its craving. They have many other specialty pancakes that I can’t remember off the top of my head, so you should definitely go check it out yourself! Be ready for a wait though, at the original location, the wait is normally around 1.5-2 hours and at the Huebner location it is around 1 hour, but I guarantee it is worth it!




Go check it out today if you want! Here are the locations and phone numbers:
606 Embassy Oaks San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 496-0828

10333 Huebner Road
San Antonio, Texas 78240
Phone: (210) 496-0828

Andrew Yoder

I am a 3rd year intern at the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry. I was home grown in Dyersville, IA. I have a brother and sister, of which I am the youngest. My hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, tennis, and anything else my friends want to play, and jamming out on my guitar.

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San Antonio Smorgasbord – Chris Madrid’s

Chris Madrid

Now that’s a tasty burger! Located just a short 10 minute drive from RSO. If you are a hamburger connoisseur like me, you will love this place. I’ll start you off by saying, “looks can be deceiving!” When we pulled up to this joint, I was thinking we might be getting a burrito or some tacos again! Boy was I mistaken. They only have 11 items on their menu. 7 of them are burgers! I ended up getting a burger called “Porky’s Delight with Cheddar,” and of course I had it “Macho” sized. Macho is there way of upsizing your burger from a quarter pound to a half pound. So, this wonderful half pound slab of beef stuck between 2 buns was topped with mayo, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, BACON, and cheese.

BurgersI’m not a fan of tomatoes, onions, or cheese, so my burger was lacking in those departments. It was one of the best burgers I have eaten, and I have eaten quite a few! Finish off the meal with some homemade fries and an ice-cold coke, now that is a good meal! You might want to go try it out yourself…they also have a unique Tostada burger! I couldn’t tell you how it is because I haven’t tried it yet, maybe next time!

If you’re dying to try it, here is the address and telephone number:
1900 Blanco Rd San Antonio, TX 78201
(210) 735-3552

Andrew Yoder

I am a 3rd year intern at the UIW Rosenberg School of Optometry. I was home grown in Dyersville, IA. I have a brother and sister, of which I am the youngest. My hobbies include playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, tennis, and anything else my friends want to play, and jamming out on my guitar.

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Picnikins Patio Café

So being a food lover that I am, I go around the town and find new exciting places to dine. I recently came across a place called Picnikins Patio Café. It’s not too far from UIWRSO. I absolutely love this quaint little place. Service was very good.

The atmosphere is relaxed and food is fresh which makes up for the steep price …

I personally recommend the Meatloaf!  The Mediterranean platter with fresh toasted pita triangles is also very delicious. This place is perfect for table of 2-4, but more than that may be a bit of a wait.

I would highly recommend this bistro restaurant which serves delicious food and has a great atmosphere.