Preparing for Finals

One of the most stressful times of the year for all students is finals week. UIWRSO prepares students very well to succeed on their finals throughout the year with personalized help from teachers, one-on-one tutoring, and fun review days using games like Jeopardy! No matter if you’re in undergrad or already in optometry school, hopefully these tips below will help you to get through finals just a little better. I asked several students from each class what kind of stress reliever/distraction/tips they have for finals week.

First year students:

“I’m being very cautious about finals. I don’t know what to expect yet, but hopefully the preparation the professors and I have put forth will reflect in my grades.”

“As a study break, I like to watch YouTube videos about cats. Don’t get too distracted though, because one leads to another and you end up on YouTube for an hour before you notice.”

“I had a teacher in undergrad who would always say, ‘Study smart, not hard.’ I think that is probably the best advice I’ve ever gotten.”

Second year students:

“Starbucks is my favorite thing right now.”

“I enjoy dancing on my study breaks. Just getting up and moving does wonders for your brain. I seem to retain more information if I am up and about.”

“Try to use some of the study and exam tips they have online, such as eating peppermint gum, using certain scents, etc. while studying. It works for me!”

“Have a strategy before you go into the test! If you know you take a long time, make sure to pace yourself.”

Third year students:

“My advice to first and second years has always been to make sure you start studying for finals a few weeks ahead of schedule. You might think you can wait until the last second, but it’s not a very good idea.”

“Remember that grades aren’t everything. I have seen a lot of students wear themselves out to the point of exhaustion! Make sure you are exercising, taking breaks, and eating properly.”

Fourth year students:

“Studying gets easier and easier each year. You finally understand what each teacher wants and by the time you get to fourth year, you’ll have already taken some parts of boards. Push through!”

“Remember this is the best time of your life. Yes, it’s difficult right now, but it will definitely be worth it. You are working to save lives.”

That being said, I hope some of these tips will relieve your stress, or give you some motivation. I wish you all success on your finals!

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