Practice Management for the Optometric Student

Mr. Rob Grim, COE, Eye Care Business Advisor

As a student at UIWRSO, our professional growth and development is always supported by faculty, staff, and administration.  Students interested in pursuing a path toward private practice enjoyed a recent visit by Mr. Robert Grim! He was a guest speaker invited by the UIWRSO Private Practice Club because of his experiences in the business world and in optometry consultations.  Mr. Grim advises with medical practices, physician networks, ambulatory surgery centers, hospitals, and managed care organizations. His expertise includes human resources, employee development, coaching, leadership training, team building, sales training, marketing, business development, strategic planning, financial analysis, and overall practice efficiency. He has been working in the field of eye care for 11 years! The lecture topic was about Practice Management where he catered the lecture to optometry students. Over 70 students attended and Dr. Aitsebaomo, one of our practice management professors, played an active part in integrating Mr. Grim’s topic with application to his private practice! 

Mr. Rob Grim with Susan Ly, UIWRSO Private Practice Club President

Many people enjoyed the seafood pasta dinner catered by Pappadeaux and sponsored by Allergan. I heard positive feedback from the attendees; most students were glad to have attended this event because of all the business tips they received and they felt like they had a clearer understanding of the optometry sector from the business point of view and from an educator’s point of view. My favorite part of the lecture was how Mr. Grim used numbers and charts to quantify and make his point. The graphs that he talked about kept students alert because they focused on the rising need for primary eye care physicians. He complemented that topic with where that niche is growing. The baby boomers are aging and the graphs showed the students that this correlates positively with aging eye diseases, such as cataracts and glaucoma (see slide below). The future of optometry sounds bright for optometrists and I’m glad to have learned so much from our guest speaker and from our practice management professor.

slide dz
A slide from Mr. Grim’s lecture about aging and incidence of eye diseases.

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