Welcome Back Weekend at Six Flags, Fiesta Texas!

UIWRSO Student Affairs Office hosted the Annual Welcome Back weekend at Six Flags, Fiesta Texas.  Rosenberg School of Optometry students can enjoy the weekend with their classmates, family, and friends at the Six Flag theme park along with the newly added water park!  My ticket included a nice t-shirt, parking, a picnic meal, games, and admission to the entire park! The UIWRSO Student Affairs Office made sure that the students did not have to worry about price with a  total package cost of only $20 for students!  Besides being a great deal, I’m glad that I could enjoy the first weekend of fall semester reuniting with my classmates, faculty, and RSO staff outside of our academic and clinical facilities.

The lunch took place in Six Flag’s Picnic area. I thoroughly enjoyed my hamburger, iced tea, and chips!  As I walked across the field to the games and prizes, some student teams were playing soccer, Frisbee, football, and volleyball! I thought, “What an athletic and outdoorsy school we have!” The booth games that Six Flags set up were ring toss, tic-tac-toe and ball bounce! I saw our resident, Dr. Schnegg, win a giant plush puppy from the ring toss! Some students and children lined up for face painting by Mrs. Mohr, our Admissions & Financial Aid Assistant Director. The paintings came out just wonderful!

Venturing out to the park, I was very excited to try the new rollercoaster, the Iron Rattler! It was worth the wait and my favorite ride so far! The water park was definitely the highlight of my day! We rafted down the rides on an inflatable tube. The water slides were refreshingly fun and we found that relax by the wave pool was a great way to beat the summer heat. All in all, I’m really glad that I came out to the Welcome Back weekend! UIWRSO and the Student affairs team really knows how to make a back-to-school weekend really fun while helping us continue to feel like we are part of the RSO family.

The Welcome Back Week was a great opportunity to welcome the incoming class, UIWRSO Class of 2018! I was blown away by how close-knit the class was; here’s a video of the class doing the ice-bucket challenge! Thank you Intern Tu Dao for making the video:

Learn more about the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE at : http://www.alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html


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