Scholarship Awarded to UIWRSO Student

Intern Linh Phan has been selected for the 2013 Transitions Students of Vision Scholarship.  This scholarship was open to optometry and opticianry students.  In order to apply, students had to submit an entry to the “Share Your Impact” contest.

An entry could be a video, short story, photograph, poster, drawing, or illustration that demonstrated how the student will use (or have used) his/her professional expertise to impact the lives of others.

Finalists were selected based on their answers to two questions:

(1) How did, or will you, use your professional expertise to make a difference in the lives of others?

(2) What impact did, or will, it have in their lives?

Entries were judged based on creativity and their ability to communicate answers to the two questions above.  Intern Phan submitted a short story about volunteering for optometric services, and was one of ten grand prize winners, from more than forty-five applicants.  As a grand prize winner, she will receive a $500 scholarship and an all-expense-paid trip to Transitions Optical headquarters near Tampa, Florida​.

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