Optometry’s Meeting 2013! An Optometry Student’s Perspective

[pb_slideshow group=”1″] Wednesday, June 26 – Day 1 Highlights – Welcome to the lovely San Diego!  I decided to go to Optometry’s Meeting (OM) because I wanted to check out the interesting Continuing education (CE) courses! I signed up to be a CE monitor and Wednesday was our training session. The CE Office was busy, busy, BUSY! They handed out walkie-talkies and signage to the CE monitors and assigned them to a course to keep watch!! This year OM went electronic! No longer were there stamps and cards, but ODs get credit for their CE course via their badges.

I held a nifty machine that scanned the bar code on each doctor’s badge, and then when the doctors complete a course evals, they will receive full credit for the course!  Being a CE monitor was a great experience, you can work things out with your partner to sit-in the course so that you can do your job and at the same time listen to the CE course itself. I attended our very own Dr. Trevino’s lecture about the Posterior segment and Horner’s syndrome (to the pre-opt students reading: you will be shocked with the amount of info you will learn with those terms!) The CE monitor sitting outside got a chance to network with passing by ODs who are on their break or just exploring OM!  I would love to do this again! I met so many cool students from other schools being a CE monitor! I also got to learn a whole lot!

Thursday, June 27 – Day 2 Highlight – Varilux® Optometry Student Bowl™ It’s so fun and amazing that I just can’t explain it in words, so here’s a video!

Friday, June 28 – Day 3 Highlights – OM Exhibition Hall!!   The San Diego Convention Center was huge! Then again the new technology and equipment’s for optometry was plentiful and some were huge too! I was awed by all the innovations that each booth had to offer. Booths were occupied by different businesses, from small, corporate to international groups! I talked to all sorts of vendors to get a feel of what I can go into in the future.

It is true that OM is catered to ODs but like myself, there were many students prowling the halls in search of guidance and perhaps free stuff! There were snacks like ice cream, cotton candy, chips, dips, and cheese! Freebies and raffles were scattered throughout the booths and days that the exhibition hall were open.  My good friend and classmate, Irina Yakubin, was chitchatting with a young man at the booth dedicated to raising awareness for albinos because her close friend was also albino. I joined in and learned so much! He told us that vision may be impaired in albinos and spoke to us about other symptoms that they may experience.

Down by another booth, I bumped into a friend from my undergrad. Rebecca Wong, a UC Berkeley Optometry student was manning a booth. She told me all about http://www.optometrystudents.com/ and entered me to a raffle. When the names were selected, I won an incredibly cute plush! It’s an eyeball!!!!!

Saturday, June 29 – Day 4 Highlight – Celebration of Optometry   I’M ON A BOAT for the “Celebration of Optometry (Presidential Celebration)”! How cool is that? After a short intro to the new AOA and AOSA officers, the attendees were shuttled to the docked USS Midway. It was a floating museum with airplanes and other retired Navy equipment’s on board! Here’s a slide show of the captivating night sky of San Diego along with images of the lively bunch on the USS MIDWAY! ____ Some photos are courtesy of Dr. Mark Landig, OD.

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