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Us at Kona Grill
Us at Kona Grill
At Kona Grill. From left to right: Nandi (Anjli Jasrotia’s little sister from Dallas); Riddhi Desai, ’16; Me (Neda Esmaeili) ’15; Diana Truong, ’15; Anjli Jasrotia, ’15.

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my classmates and I went to a nearby restaurant called Kona Grill. It is located in this really nice outdoor shopping mall called La Cantera. They have a happy hour menu that includes yummy appetizers and dishes for amazing prices–perfect for a student budget!

This year, UIWRSO started this program called Big Sib’ Lil Sib’ which arranges us with first year students so we can help them out with questions and someone who is familiar with the school and the city.

I decided to invite my Lil Sib Riddhi Desai out with us so I could get to know her better and help her bond with some other people at our school. It turned out to be lots of fun. I always love an intimate gathering with great food…not to mention the great shopping!

So exciting!

Recently, I got to dilate a classmates eye and of course, the same was done to me. It is really cool how much better we can see the back of the eye with a slit lamp biomicroscope when the pupils are enlarged. This is how my eye looks when only one eye is dilated:


o_O. Literally.
o_O. Literally.


Another really cool thing we did today was help out at a vision screening. Vision screenings are mandatory as second years here at UIWRSO. It prepares us for dealing with real-life patients and is a precursor to working in the clinic as an intern.

We were at St. Gregory the Great Catholic School and we screened 8th graders. They are super adorable by the way! I was excited to put a few of the skills I have learned in lab to good use and help out.


At this weeks vision screening. Left to right: Neha Jhawar, '15; Samantha Giang, 15'.
At this weeks vision screening. Left to right: Neha Jhawar, ’15; Samantha Giang, 15′.


The vision screening.
The vision screening.


Neda Esmaeili
Class of 2015

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